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The Royal Address

Construction Update: Drone Shoot

A Lifestyle Fit For Kings & Queens

Welcome to a lifestyle, which is synonymous with luxury and regality. At the Royal Address you get to live like an emperor in your own palace. Experience a way of life, fit for Kings and Queens.

Your personal palace is a sight to behold. The architecture and the interiors are well placed along with the beautiful royal furnishings. The best and the most luxurious of furnishings in your home ensure that you truly feel like royalty.

As you stand in your balcony at The Royal Address you will be greeted by a truly magical site. Synchronized with music, these magical large fountains will greet you and offer a true sight to behold.

The most premium address in town now offers an extra edge! Developed for those who love to live their life like royalty; this is The Royal Address. A lifestyle fit for Queens and Emperors.